Specialty Cleaning

Specialty Cleaning Services

Elite’s floor-to-ceiling, 24-hour specialty cleaning services offer various cleaning solutions to support building owners and property managers. We provide an array of options, from floor care and window cleaning to biohazard cleaning. Contact us today to start building your specialized plan.

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Special Services for Facilities in 14+ Industries

We provide the following specialty cleaning services for facilities in banking, healthcare, hospitality, and more industries:

Commercial Upholstery Cleaning

Elite offers full-service furniture, drapery, upholstery, and fabric partition cleaning services to extend the life of your office furniture. We can also help to remediate smoke, mold, and water damage.

Commercial Window Cleaning

Elite offers interior and exterior window cleaning and washing services. We use a ground-mounted pole system with deionized water to safely clean exterior windows up to 5 stories.

This method significantly reduces property management liability and workman risks. We also have alliances with high-and mid-rise window-washing partners when roof-mounted systems and methods are the best option for your needs.

Industrial Cleaning

Industrial and mechanical facilities require heavy-duty cleaning to sustain safe and productive work environments. Elite’s industrial cleaning service eliminates the build-up of dirt and grime on machinery, boilers, vents, beams, elevated ceilings, walls, and floors. We provide concrete floor stripping, sealing, auto scrubbing, power washing, and industrial vacuuming. Elite can also assist you in meeting O.S.H.A and fire inspection requirements.

Biohazard Cleaning

Elite offers immediate, broad-spectrum abatement and remediation services for all biohazardous incidents. In the event of an infectious outbreak, crime scene, or another health emergency, our highly-trained biohazard team will contain the affected area and provide detailed decontamination. Our biohazard services are on call 24/7, with excellent and reliable service level response times.

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An Elite Edge in Specialty Cleaning Services

When a facility chooses Elite Building Services for specialty cleaning, it can expect the following benefits from the Elite Edge we offer our customers:

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Elite Building Services is here to help if your facilities require specialty cleaning services. Contact us today to build your custom service plan.