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Reliable Building Maintenance

Elite offers building maintenance services to organizations in healthcare, financial services, and other sectors. These services are available in over 20 US states to serve organizations with expansive operations. Our services improve and optimize your building’s functionality and appearance. We ensure your facility remains safe, clean, sanitary, and attractive inside and out.

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Why Building Maintenance Services Are Key

Not all contractors can fulfill their customers’ requests. If you select a maintenance partner that proves to be expensive and unresponsive, it can become virtually impossible to maintain a safe, clean, and sanitary building. Ultimately, you deserve a building maintenance company that:

At Elite Building Services, we offer a single point of contact for all your building maintenance needs. We provide immediate response services, quality control inspections, and other offerings that other companies struggle to match.

Building Maintenance Services For Your Facility

Elite proudly serves organizations of all sizes. We can help you choose your facility’s ideal building maintenance plan from the following:

Commercial Landscaping

Commercial Landscaping

We offer a full-service commercial landscaping solution. Our landscape professionals can design and install the perfect landscape for your property. We also provide lawn-mowing, tree care, power-washing, and other landscape maintenance services.

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Facility Maintenance

Our facility maintenance services cover high-rise, mid-rise, and multi-site national branches and franchises. Our engineers perform inspections and preventive maintenance on HVAC, plumbing, and other building systems. Also, we provide painting, carpentry, and other general contracting services.

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Residential Property Maintenance

Our residential property maintenance services allow property owners and managers to let a single partner handle their janitorial, maintenance, and construction needs. We provide housekeeping, floor care, and other cleaning services. We also offer residential maintenance and construction, emergency response, quality control, and customer satisfaction services.

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Snow Removal and Ice Management

Keep your facility safely accessible in cold weather with our snow removal and ice management services. We use plow trucks, loaders, and other equipment to help you quickly prepare for and respond to snowstorms. Our crew eliminates snow and ice from your property’s sidewalks, walkways, roofs, and other areas 24/7.

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Why Choose Elite?

Elite Building Services has been recognized for its work in the building services industry. We are rapidly growing and offer our cleaning and maintenance services to organizations in 20+ states.

With our Elite Edge, we serve as a single point of contact for your maintenance needs. Our expansive service offering allows us to minimize the number of contractors your facility needs to hire. We learn about your organization to provide the right service mix between our offerings. That way, we ensure the best results for a safe, functional facility.

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Take Advantage of Our Building Maintenance Services

Elite Building Services can review your maintenance requirements to provide personalized recommendations on your organization’s ideal maintenance plan. To learn more or get started, reach out today.