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Cleaning Services with an Elite Edge

Elite Building Services offers cleaning services to organizations in the New England, Mid-Atlantic, Midwest, and southeastern regions of the United States. We serve organizations in over 14 industries, including construction, retail, and transportation. Elite cleaning ensures you can maintain clean, healthy, and safe work environments for employees and tenants.

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A Preferred Provider

Why Clients Choose Elite

A clean facility is vital for safety and productivity. However, some organizations struggle with their cleaning vendors due to:


Cleaning services can be expensive. If you are not careful, you may spend big on building cleaning services that fall short of your expectations.


You may need to hire several vendors, forcing you to track multiple contractor partners to ensure you what you need on time and budget.


If a vendor cannot provide safe, dependable service for commercial organizations, you must commit substantial time and resources to fix this issue.

At Elite Building Services, we are a responsible, single-source, and preferred partner for cleaning services. We give you a trusted single point of contact for all of your facility needs across all locations and service offerings, providing world-class facility services at the highest service levels. Our team constantly looks for ways to improve so you can get the most value out of our services. Plus, we back our services with a 100% satisfaction guarantee.

A Closer Look at Our Cleaning Services

We offer cleaning services in over 20 states, including the following:

Man cleaning a commercial stone floor

Commercial Floor Cleaning

Our commercial floor care services include polishing, waxing, and buffing. We clean and restore many types of flooring, including hardwood, laminate, and tile. Our technicians follow the best floor care processes to clean and sanitize properly.

Person squeezing a mop in a bucket with professional janitorial equipment in an office

Janitorial Services

Our janitorial services clean everything from your floors to your ceilings. Our janitors use state-of-the-art cleaning equipment to quickly and efficiently clean and sanitize your work environment. We screen our janitors before hiring them and track their performance as well. This helps us ensure that you are always getting the best results.

Interior construction site

Construction Cleaning

Our construction cleaning service is ideal for high-rise and multi-complex construction projects or after the build-out of vacant building space for new tenants. We wash, scrub, pressure-clean, sweep, and vacuum to remove dirt and stains left behind from construction. Our team uses equipment and technologies to help you maximize your construction cleaning resources and budget.

Hands in PPE cleaning a door handle

Coronavirus Cleaning

During our coronavirus cleaning, we apply Vital Oxide across your work environment. The EPA has approved Vital Oxide for use against SARS-CoV-2. It is an EPA-registered hospital disinfectant cleaner, mold-killer, and odor eliminator that kills 99.999% of bacteria in just minutes. Vital Oxide is colorless, odorless, and mild enough that you can wash your hands in it.

Critical environment full of computer servers

Critical Environment Cleaning

Our critical environment cleaning services cover data centers and other work environments where you store and operate sensitive technical equipment. First, our highly skilled micro technicians evaluate your facility. We then develop a preventive micro-cleaning program designed to meet the long-term requirements of your critical environment.

Person in full body PPE spraying disinfectant in a facility

Specialty Cleaning

We offer specialty cleaning services for building owners and property managers. These services include upholstery, window, and biohazard cleaning. They are available 24/7.

The Elite Edge

Why Choose Elite?

Elite is a certified woman-owned commercial cleaning service provider with accolades from MBNA America, JPMorgan Chase & Co., and many others. With Elite, you can partner with one vendor for all your cleaning services. Our team provides the Elite Edge that you won’t find with other service providers. We designed our fast, effective services to accommodate organizations of all sizes. We have earned our reputation as a leader in the building services industry and continue to improve.

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Industries Served

Explore Our Cleaning Services

The Elite team can help you find the right cleaning program for your organization. For more information or to get started with our cleaning services, please contact us today.