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Expert Micro Cleaning Services

Today, precious company assets exist in critical environments, data centers, and clean rooms. In these areas, sensitive technical instruments operate with tolerances measured in the thousandths of a percent. Keeping these environments clean and particulate-free requires specialized labor trained in the latest International Organization of Standardization (ISO) protocols.

At Elite, our teams of highly skilled micro techs have delivered comprehensive and reliable micro cleaning services for the most demanding customers in the Banking, Technology, Healthcare, and Pharmaceutical industries for decades.

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Are Your Critical Spaces At Risk?

Improper clean room or data center cleaning services put critical environments at risk for damage. If your facility experiences the following, it’s time for higher quality micro cleaning services:

Elite Building Services has over thirty years of experience providing top-tier service to our clients. We’re proudly woman-owned and employ high-skilled technicians to ensure careful cleaning in your critical environment.

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Micro Cleaning Services

Whether your facility needs data center cleaning services or cleanroom cleaning services, Elite has you covered. We’ll design a custom offering from the following based on a comprehensive evaluation of your site:

Proper Critical Environment Cleaning for Top-Tier Results

Our process is thorough to ensure we properly treat your critical environment. First, Elite performs a comprehensive site evaluation. We develop a customized preventive program that meets the long-term requirements of your critical environment.

Elite uses strict procedures, time-tested techniques, and state-of-the-market equipment, such as ULPA and HEPA filter vacuums, static dissipative solutions, and environmental monitoring meters during service execution. Whether your facility is a Class 1 or Class 9 critical environment, Elite assures precision service delivery that meets or exceeds ISO and IEST protocols.

Sub-Floor Cleaning and Deck Seal

Our critical environment, data center, and clean room cleaning services ensure that raised sub-floors stay clean. Elite eliminates dust, debris, and static buildup.

Our micro-techs specialize in raised-floor environment materials and equipment. We understand airflow, static dissipation and how it affects contamination and debris in the sub-floor plenums. Elite also assures critical sub-floor deck sealing is free of gaps and leaks that can let debris and static build-up harm precision equipment leading to unplanned downtime.

Equipment and Above-Floor Cleaning

One of the leading causes of technical instrument failure in critical environments is the build-up of debris and contaminants that creates insulating blankets and blockages. Data center server racks and equipment often filter and circulate these particulates through continually operating instrument fans and filters. Common pollutants include drywall dust, acoustical ceiling tile dust, tracked-in dirt, and cooling system belt debris.

Elite reduces this leading cause of system failure by cleaning racks, cabinets, servers, switches, tape drives, and other sensitive critical environment equipment and tools.

Ceiling Plenum Decontamination and Cleaning

Elite’s trained micro-techs understand airflow in critical environments and where dangerous dust and debris commonly collect. The accumulation of contaminants in your ceiling plenum, cabling, conduit, and air returns requires periodic preventative maintenance to sustain highly productive data centers.

Air pressure changes as doors are continually opened and closed or when air systems operate, shift ceiling tiles, jarring loose dust and debris lodged in the ceiling plenum. The dust, debris, and metal particles fall onto your precision equipment and into the air circulation systems in the environment. Elite assesses and develops a systematic cleaning plan for the ceiling plenum that reduces unplanned downtime costs.

Emergency Response

Elite monitors operations 24/7, 365 days a year, to provide emergency response services, such as emergency ceiling and wall cleaning services when needed. Our emergency contact center links you with immediate help from local emergency responders and skilled personnel. We agree upon service level response (SLR) times for each center so we can exceed your expectations.

An Elite Edge in Cleaning Services

When facilities choose Elite for critical environment cleaning, they can experience the following:

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Critical Environment Cleaning Services from an Experienced Team

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