Construction Cleaning Services

We employ the latest equipment and innovative techniques to maximize your resources and budget. Power washing, scrubbing, pressure cleaning, sweeping and vacuuming remove heavy dirt and stains left behind by the construction process.

Our construction cleaning service is commonly used on new high-rise and multi-complex construction projects, but can also be applied after the build out of vacant building space for new tenants. Whatever your need, big or small, Elite can assist you in preparing your new building for occupancy.

  • 24/7 Emergency Response
  • Heavy Construction Cleaning
  • Floor-to-Ceiling Cleaning
  • HVAC Vent & Ductwork Cleaning
  • Mechanical Room Cleaning
  • Tile & Stone Cleaning & Polishing
  • Window Washing & Paint Spray Removal
  • Curb-side & Parking Garage Sweeping
  • Exterior Power Washing
Elite provides detailed construction cleaning for new buildings and facilities, including interim and final construction cleaning services. Whether you are a construction manager, building contractor, or property owner, you can rely on Elite to:
  • Remove heavy and coarse construction dust and debris
  • Remove factory material labels and stickers from fixtures, windows, doors and appliances
  • Remove excess sealant and paint over-spray
  • Refinish tiled floors
  • Prepare all spaces for occupancy
  • Clean the exterior of the facility
  • Sweep walkways, sidewalks, parking lots and garages
  • High and Mid-Rise Office Buildings
  • Medical and Laboratory Facilities
  • High-Tech Data Centers, Control and Clean Rooms
  • Higher education Student Housing and Residences
  • Churches and Schools
  • Retail, Food and Beverage Outlets
  • Industrial, Manufacturing and Distribution Centers
  • Aviation, Automotive and Transportation Facilities
  • Public Sports and Recreation Centers
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